Am I Ready for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course?

Am I Ready for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course?

Being a Divemaster with Scuba Leeds, I talk to a lot of students. During these conversations I have realised that the PADI Advanced Open Water course is often misunderstood. It seems that the word 'Advanced' often results in new and inexperienced divers backing away from the course. It is important to understand that this is not an 'Advanced Diver' course but an 'Advanced Open Water' course and is the perfect natural progression for divers who wish to continue learning post Open Water.

What to expect

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is made up of five different Adventure Dives. Adventure Dives concentrate and focus on a particular diving skill or activity. The Adventure Dive that you will complete is the first dive of the corresponding Speciality Diver course. No matter what you are into and your range of diving goals, you won't struggle to find something of interest with 26 different PADI Adventure Dives to choose from. You will be accompanied by PADI Professionals throughout your AOW courses. Your instructors and Divemasters are there to answer any questions that you may have and to help you develop your diving technique and learn new skills. Ensure that you get the most out of your course and don't be afraid to ask questions! Adventure Dives are very different to the dives that you carried out during your Open Water course. These dives are very similar to a 'real', pleasure dive but have a focus on a particular diving speciality. The Wreck Adventure Dive will teach you about the dangers and how to dive around a wreck safely. Underwater Navigation will have you practice your underwater navigation and compass skills. The Deep Adventure Dive will have you diving deeper, to a depth between 18-30 metres. Completing the Deep Adventure Dive also increases your maximum qualification depth from 18 to 30 meters.

Elements of the course

Students taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course spend very little time in the classroom and there are also no written exams to complete. This course really is about focusing on improving your diving knowledge and skills in the water. As mentioned above, the course is made up of five Adventure Dives. Both the Underwater Navigation and Deep Adventure Dives are mandatory and are completed by all AOW divers. The remaining three dives are up to you. This gives you the opportunity to choose dives which interest you and may even lead on to you carrying out the full Speciality Courses of your favourites.

Why you should book onto this course!

PADIs Advanced Open Water course is a great opportunity for you to sample different specialities in order to see what interests you the most. Many divers have found a new diving passion through the AOW course for something that they had never considered until they tried it for themselves. Are you looking to sample a few Specialities? Gain invaluable in water experience with the help of a PADI Professional? Fine-tune your skills and develop yourself as a diver? If you answered Yes to the above, then PADIs Advanced Open Water course is the course for you! Follow the link below to continue your diving journey NOW! PADI Advanced Open Water Course
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