What are we doing?

What are we doing?

I think sometimes its all to easy to miss the impact that we as a species have on the ocean environment. It was the Oscars this week and Leonardo De-Caprio finished off his speech with a massive plug on the World plight of global warming. https://youtu.be/ty0PubbMqAA Apparently 2015 was the warmest year on record, he clearly didn’t visit Yorkshire last year haha. I also posted on the Scuba Leeds Facebook Page about a great Tweet from Ricky Jervais’ Tweet about sharks that said (and I am paraphrasing), can we all agree to only kill sharks when they come to kill us in our natural habitat of the bars and streets, if they are in their environment leave them alone…. Or words to that effect.
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Global warming and now thankfully the plight of the sharks are getting increasing media attention which is a good thing as both of these things have an effect on the whole eco-system of the planet. Global warming brings a plethora of problems that have been discussed for as long as I can remember, killing sharks to a point of almost extinction causes as many problems for the ocean. The fragile balance of the oceans eco-systems are kept in check by the species that inhabit them and we as a species are knocking them out of balance on a daily basis. Pollution used to be a buzz word, but it seems that I hear less and less about it these days. It’s truly shocking the impact pollution has on the ocean and the creatures that live in it. Today I found an article that I read a few years ago on the Daily Mail Online which shows the shocking effects that our rubbish is having on wildlife. Fishing lures, plastic rings, plastic bags and all sorts of other rubbish cause problems for marine animals, unfortunately many of these animals do not survive their interaction with man’s debris. The images are pretty harsh, so be warned. This kind of thing concerns me, but I am pleased that newspapers, international stars and the media are covering these kind of stories. Alex Varnals

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