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Top Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive

This is our guide to the top reasons to learn to scuba dive in 2020.

To be honest, we are asked this question, why should I learn to scuba dive? And to be fair, it's a really good question. Each diver will have their own reasons for learning to scuba dive, but here are some of the top reasons why we think you should give it a go!



  1. Explore The Ocean
  2. Protect The Ocean
  3. Exciting Marine Life
  4. Explore Wrecks
  5. New Holiday Destinations
  6. Learn New Skills
  7. Meet New People
  8. Good For Your Health
  9. Do Something Different
  10. Leave Your Comfort Zone
  11. Experience Weightlessness
  12. Bucket List Activity


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Explore The Ocean

Reason #1 – Explore The Ocean

Sometimes we get so caught up in rat race or city living that we forget to enjoy what there is on this planet. Sure, there are many ways to experience what mother nature has to offer, it can be as simple as spending your Sunday going for a nice long hike. But nothing quite compares to what you can see below the surface.

The underwater world has so much to offer. Tropical reefs, stunning underwater scenery, amazing wildlife and more. The biodiversity found in a small area of a tropical reef is staggering and will leave you with a thirst for more. As a scuba diver, we get to become underwater tourists in this crazy world that is critical to all life on earth. Believe me, there is nothing more relaxing than drifting along a reef wall, with thousands of species of marine life going about their day. Those moments of utter peace and tranquillity are not often found anywhere else in the world. Knowing that the only noise you will hear is that of your own bubbles is a feeling that is very difficult to describe with words!


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Protect The Ocean

Reason #2 - Protect The Ocean

People sometimes forget how important the ocean is to us. When you think about it, the ocean does so much for us. Did you know that every second breath you take comes from the ocean? The ocean supplies more than half of the oxygen in the world!

The oxygen comes from phytoplankton, which is tiny ocean plants. They live close to the water’s surface and use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food. The byproduct of these tiny plants is the oxygen that keeps us alive. Phytoplankton is the bottom of the food chain (even though we can't see them) and is the oceans "salad bar" for marine life.

With the human race being the biggest threat to a healthy ocean, it should be all our responsibility to make sure we do all we can to protect it. As a scuba diver, you will become a lot more aware of the damage we are causing, and you will see some of this first hand. Becoming an ocean ambassador and doing your part is, therefore, a lot easier. You can pick up anything you see during a dive that doesn't belong in the ocean or do dedicated clean-up dives with your buddies. You can practice good diving skills and etiquette to make sure you do not cause any harm while underwater, and educate others to do the same.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Exciting Marine Life

Reason #3 – Exciting Marine Life

We all know that 70% of the planet is water. By learning to scuba dive, you get to have adventures that most people will never get to experience. Exploring the underwater world can be even more fun than the adventures you can have on dry land.

There are creatures in the ocean that are as weird and wonderful as those seen in sci-fi movies. Some are simply beautiful, others look particularly strange. Who knew that a sea slug or sea hare could be so flamboyant and cause so much interest? For some, the small stuff is the draw to the ocean. Others prefer big encounters with sharks, mantas, dolphins, and whales.

Marine life also poses amazing opportunities for those interested in photography, as you get to capture some beautiful shots on camera and share them with family and friends.It is also a great chance to brush up on some photography skills, as there are many different things you need to consider for those perfect shots!

But you will find what you love, it may well be everything!


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Explore Wrecks

Reason #4 – Explore Wrecks

I got into scuba diving as I wanted to dive on wrecks. That was it, I wanted to be a wreck diver. Now I admit at that point I hadn’t realised that the most famous, iconic, unsinkable (well so they thought) ship that sank on her maiden voyage, wasn’t accessible to divers. And I didn’t have the budget to visit her by submarine.

After over 20 years, there is still that tingle when I descend onto a wreck for the first time. Let’s get the cheesy lines out there, yeah, it’s awe-inspiring, mind-blowing. But the reality is, it really is life-changing. You can admire the huge structures from outside of the wreck, or penetrate the many different sections inside it, if you are trained to do so. The best part of being on the boat after a wreck dive is that each diver's reason for being there is different. The history, the natural habitats created, the exploration or just the adventure.

You don’t need to be a marine archaeologist or an explorer, you just need a sense of adventure. There are more wrecks in the ocean than you can even imagine. Every one of these is a scuba diver's playground. I would rather be underwater mooching around a wreck than stranded on land forever.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - New Holiday Destinations

Reason #5 – New Holiday Destinations

Becoming a scuba diver will undoubtedly change the way you go on holiday. You will learn about places you never even heard of and will seek the most exciting sites in the world to go diving. It will open lots of new opportunities and it will make you see the world in a whole new light.

Depending on what you are interested in, you could end up diving the Cenote caverns in Mexico, dive between two tectonic plates in Iceland, experience the crazy amount of marine life at Raja Ampat, or dive some fantastic wrecks in the Red Sea. The world is literally your oyster.

One of the best ways to experience a dive holiday is to join a liveaboard. Does a week of eat, sleep, dive, repeat sound good to you? Yeah, same here!

But this does not mean you can't go on holiday with a non-diver! There are plenty of places that allow you to combine some shore-based diving with land-based adventures to get even more out of your downtime.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Learn New Skills

Reason #6 – Learn New Skills

Scuba diving is a great hobby, but it’s also incredibly educational. You can do a wide range of courses that will teach you about physics, physiology, the environment, the ocean currents, even the impact the moon has on the ocean.

It also allows you to expand on some knowledge you may already have, such as learning more about photography, fish species, or even do a first aid course.

Apart from being educational, learning how to dive will teach you some brand new skills, which will give you a great sense of achievement. You can keep building on these skills and learn lots of new ones, so you're never far from a new challenge or achievement.

It’s definitely great learning new things about something you love.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Meet New People

Reason #7 – Meet New People

Despite the fact that you can't actually talk underwater, scuba diving is an incredibly social sport. After all, you can't really go on a dive by yourself (unless trained to do so).

There is nothing better than being able to share stories of amazing dives with someone who was there with you. You will meet people from all walks of life and spend time sharing experiences about favourite dives and destinations. Many of these people will definitely become friends for life!

When surrounded by divers, you are in the company of others who have the same passion for the ocean as you have. There is a link or bond with another person, that comes from the same shared interest and the same passion. No matter your educational background, employment status, what car you drive or what kind of friends you have, diving is a great leveller.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Good For Your Health

Reason #8 – Good For Your Health

At first glance, scuba diving does not to seem to be an incredibly strenuous activity, and most of the time this is true. However, you will still need a baseline level of fitness and be able to perform moderate exercise without difficulty. This is just to make sure you do not tire yourself out too much during a dive.

Scuba diving is actually a pretty good way to moderately increase your fitness levels. Moving through the water works your muscles harder than on land, especially if there is a bit of a current. This means that your legs are getting a little workout and your core is also strengthened, which is important for an overall good posture in everyday life.

Another benefit to scuba diving is the way we breathe underwater, which is not dissimilar to meditation. The slow and deep breaths, combined with relaxing underwater surroundings, induces a state of calm that is very difficult to achieve on land. All of everyday's worries get left at the surface and forgotten about during a dive, while you just enjoy the here and now of what you are experiencing at that very moment.

Studies have actually shown that a relaxed and calm mind promotes a positive mental attitude, which helps to deal with any problems you may have in a calm and rational way.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Do Something DifferentReason #9 – Do Something Different

A diver looks at the weekend as a chance to explore. There is nothing better than getting back into the office on a Monday morning and exchanging stories with your colleagues about your weekend. Telling them about a World War II wreck that you dived, or a seal interaction that you had is fantastic. I know it sure beats the more “normal” weekends that many of my friends have. There are lots of hobbies out there, with plenty of activities to fill your life with. But scuba diving is the best without a doubt. There are other opinions out there about which is the best hobby in the world, but they are wrong!


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Leave Your Comfort Zone

Reason #10 – Leave Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are different for everyone. Some people are comfortable simply running the rat race and plodding along. Scuba divers view life in a different way. Sharks are friends. Wreck diving is a Saturday activity. Having dolphins riding the bow of the boat on the way back from the dive is amazing.

Learning how to dive certainly is a great way to step out of your comfort zone a little bit (or a lot), challenge yourself and achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. But remember that everyone is different, and don't fret if it takes you a little longer to be completely comfortable. Be patient with yourself just as much as your instructors will be with you, and the reward will be a huge personal achievement as well as a life-changing new hobby.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Experience Weightlessness

Reason #11 – Experience Weightlessness

Our world is dominated by the effects of gravity. Unless you have the surplus cash of Elon Musk or Sir Richard Branson, then space travel is probably out of the question. When you learn to scuba dive, you learn how to get to the sweet spot of neither sinking nor floating. This is the best way to experience the effects of zero gravity.

In order to achieve this feeling, you will learn a lot about buoyancy control during your PADI Open Water Diver course. The focus on this may seem excessive at first, but it is an essential skill that when mastered, will allow you to effortlessly glide through the water as if weightless.


Reasons To Learn To Scuba Dive - Bucket List Activity

Reason #12 – Bucket List Activity

For many people, seeing the Blue Planet or Oceans on-screen in their living room is not enough. Many people want to mark off another item on their bucket list. For those who already dive, they simply add new dives or destinations to their bucket list.  Whatever your list is, it will definitely expand when you become a certified diver.


Each diver has their own reasons to learn to scuba dive. My reason for learning to scuba dive was to go wreck diving, but the reason I keep diving is now so much more. If you’re interested in learning to scuba dive and want to know what our students think of our courses, then check out the PADI Open Water Diver Course Review by Simon Gozzard.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

What’s your #1 reason why you learnt to scuba dive?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, go ahead and leave a comment below.

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