Top 5 Reasons To Scuba Dive In Malta

Top 5 Reasons To Go Scuba Diving In Malta

Here is our guide to the Top 5 Reasons To Go Scuba Diving In Malta. If you have picked up a dive magazine or been around a dive site recently you will have heard about the hidden gem in the dive destinations list. According to Alex Varnals who has just spent the last 2 months diving with DiveWise and TechWise in Malta, this is a "must dive" destination on your bucket list.

REASON 1: Wreck Diving

This is truly a wreck diving paradise. There is wrecks that come in at all depths for all diver certifications. The HMS Maori is a wonderful, easy and shallow wreck that sits in around 14m of water. The Maori is a WWII wreck sat bolt upright on the sea bed, but she is not the only WWII wreck. Get out and dive the Blenheim Bomber that lies at 40 metres and you will be met by the remains of the WWII plane plus the chance to see some beautiful wildlife. The P29 & The Rozi are two really great wrecks that you will no doubt visit on your next dive holiday to Malta, both are accessable by PADI Advanced Open Water Divers, however we would recommend the PADI Deep Diver specialty course for the P29 as she drops down to nearly 35m at her deepest point. Some of the wrecks that you may visit include: The Um el Faroud The P29 Patrol Boat The Rozi Tug Boat The Bristol Beaufighter The Tug 2 The HMS Stubbhorn The Karwella The P31 Partol Boat The Imperial Eagle

REASON 2: Scenic, Reef & Marine Life

But don't be fooled, the Malteses Wrecks are not the only reason to go to Malta. This is truly fantastic for underwater scenery and marine life. Nearly every dive you can see flying gurnard fish, moray eels or octopus. If you know the right people, you might even find the sea horse! Some other marine life you can see are: Tuna Octopus Sea Horses Chub Mackerel Sardine Lots of species of Sea Bream Anchovy Common Pandora Hake Common Sole Lobster Scallops Carpet Clam Venus Shells

REASON 3: Three Destinations For The Price of One

Malta, Gozo and Comino are a group of islands set in crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Below the surface is diverse marine life and a large number of wrecks for you to explore. Malta is famous for its archaeology and buildings of historical nature. Gozo is a small sleepy island which is fantastic for diving. Comino is a small island between Malta and Gozo.

REASON 4: Water Temperature

One thing that attracts so many British divers is go scuba diving in Malta is the water temperature. Even in the coldest times of the year, probably February and march, the water only really gets down to around 15 degrees centigrade and gets as warm as 26/27 degrees centigrade in the summer months.

REASON 5: Flight Time To Malta

The diving is a combination of wrecks and reefs and with flights from Leeds Bradford and Manchester on an almost daily basis (often under £100) its easy to see why. Scuba Leeds have close links with Divewise & TechWise in Malta who will look after us for groups of divers from open water level through to the most experienced of technical divers.

So Why Do I Love Diving In Malta?

We stay in St Julians, which is a tourist spot, so have a lot of very well priced restaurants that can cater to your every desire. There are plenty of bars and night clubs, if that kinda thing is what you are looking for apres-dive. Well from the moment you land you are met at the airport by the DiveWise & TechWise Team. No matter what time your flight arrives. greeted with a smile. If you lucky enough to be picked up by Alan you will be regailled with stories of Malta and I can almost guarentee you will find out that there are 365 churches in Malta, one for everyday of the year, Alan's favourite Maltese Fact. The hotels we stay at are within 10 minutes’ walk from the dive centre and get this the Mediterranean is just a giant stride from Divewise. Most of the dive sites in Malta are accessable as shore dives, however DiveWise and TechWise know that its a much more relaxing dive if you can dive from a boat. So they went and bought 2! The boat diving offers you the opportunity to see wildlife and wrecks, so whatever type of diving you like, Malta can deliver. Scuba Leeds run two trips a year to Malta, generally in the spring and autumn. You can come along and do courses, guided dives or just get away from the cold in the UK for while. Drop us a message if you want to know more about our upcoming trips. Alex Varnals
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