Meet The Dive Team - Peter Hocker

Meet The Dive Team - Peter Hocker

Meet the Dive Team – Peter Hocker, one of our PADI Instructors. We asked Peter about his diving so far.

When did you start diving?

My first dive was part of a PADI open water course at Capernwray dive site in 2010.

What made you start diving?

I was holiday in Egypt with family and friends. I went on a snorkelling trip, it was then I was introduced to diving whilst on board. As I snorkelled, I followed the diver’s air bubbles watching every move from the surface. It was another world! Upon my return to the UK, I made enquiries with a local dive club and the rest is history.

Where/when was your last logged dive?

My last logged dive was at Crystal Bay, Bali, last October. Crystal Bay aka Penida Bay is the best-known dive site in Bali for seeing the Mola-Mola (Ocean sunfish) and it did not let me down! This is where I managed to get a few pictures of the magnificent Mola-Mola. A truly mind-blowing experience, and one I will never forget.

What are your dive goals?

My dive goal is to visit as many dive sites as possible and to take in the beauty of what the oceans have to offer. My current goal is to continue as a PADI diving instructor, so that I can introduce people to another world and to show how diving can be fun for all!

What keeps you diving and how do you keep the passion?

Knowing that every dive is going to be different from the last one! even if it is the same dive site, as you never know when mother nature will give you a spectacle to savour for a life time.

What is your favourite dive site?

That is tough one as I have dived lot of sites that I really liked but if I had to pick one it had to be in St. Lucia. 'Lesleen M' shipwreck is a 165-foot freighter which was sunk by the Department of Fisheries in 1986 to provide an artificial reef. It lies upright in 60 ft of water near Anse Cochon, St. Lucia on the west coast, just south of Marigot Bay.

What is your favourite piece of equipment?

This has to be my dive camera. I have managed to capture lots of underwater shots, some amazing and some not so amazing! But the beauty of a digital dive camera, is that you can take as many pictures as you like and at the end of the dive, there has got be some special ones in there, a snap shot back in time of your dive! Would you like to learn how to capture some amazing shots of your own diving adventures? Follow the link below to find out more about the PADI Digital Underwater Imaging course today! PADI Digital Underwater Imaging
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