Scuba Leeds - Keeping Divers Diving

Scuba Leeds - Keeping Divers Diving

At Scuba Leeds we offer more than PADI Courses. We are committed to keeping our divers diving to ensure that you are able to reach your full diving potential. It is a simple fact that those who dive more often, become better divers! I have listed some of the many additional activities offered by Scuba Leeds that you might find of interest.

The Sunday Splash

The Sunday Splash takes place at the start of every month, usually on the first or second Sunday. Whether you're just qualified or an old hand wanting to have a couple of fun dives with friendly buddies, with the odd Instructor or Divemaster around to ask advice, the Sunday Splash is for you. We always aim to pick an easy, suitable dive site and have Scuba Leeds staff on hand to offer advice and help, whether that be a dive plan or finding a suitable buddy. The Splash is also a great way for divers to meet like minded people who share their passion for diving.

Pool Workshops

Scuba Leeds offer a number of structured pool sessions. These sessions are designed to keep your existing skills on point. The additional training workshops will also help you to further develop your skills and education as the courses often cover content outside of the corresponding PADI course. Current workshops offered by Scuba Leeds include but are not limited to: Rescue Skills Workshop: This will refresh your rescue skills keeping you confident and up-to-date on what to do in the event of a diving emergency. Digital Imaging Workshop: This will introduce underwater photography and videography techniques, including white balancing, focus and composition. SMB Workshop: This will introduce you to some of the skills and techniques used to easily, safely and reliably deploy a DSMB. This will give you the peace of mind that you are comfortable using this essential (though initially daunting) piece of equipment whenever you may need to. Search & Recovery Workshop: This will show you effective techniques for navigating, searching and recovering objects underwater, including use of compass, ropes, lift bags, and knots. Essentials Workshop: The Essentials Workshop is designed to enable the certified diver to extend fundamental skills in the water. It focuses on three main areas of buoyancy, trim/positioning and propulsion. The Essentials is conducted over three 2hr 5.5m pool dives. You can be combined with additional open water dives if you choose. The techniques and knowledge developed in this program will increase skill competency and help divers to understand fundamentals that will allow them to take their diving to the next level.

Discover something different

Are you keen to try diving twinset or rebreather? Maybe you have seen the Scuba Leeds team in single tank wings with long hose and fancy giving it a go? Scuba Leeds offer a range of 'Discover' courses, allowing you to get in the water and have a go before signing up for the full course. This is great news for you as a diver as the discover courses allow you to trial a few different configurations and styles before fully investing your time and money in your favourite!

Pool 'Play' Sessions

Fancy an unstructured, relaxing dip in the pool? Scuba Leeds also offer the chance to join us on our Thursday night pool session for an unstructured 'play' session. This is a great way to try out new kit or to test your equipment before the big trip.

Worldwide Dive Trips

Scuba Leeds organise a whole host of trips both within the UK and worldwide to suit all levels of divers. From St. Abbs to Glencoe, the Red Sea to the Galapagos, there really is something for every diver on every budget. Keep your eye on our Trips section of our website for your next diving holiday! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the 'Experiences' section of our 'Courses' page to book your next workshop or pool session! Scuba Leeds Experiences
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