Meet The Dive Team - Susie Noble

Meet The Scuba Leeds Dive Team - Susannah Noble

Meet the Dive Team - Susannah Noble, one of our new PADI Instructor Candidates. We asked Susie about her diving so far.

When did you start diving?

I got my Open Water while working in Cyprus 10 years ago. I certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver the year after back in the UK. It sounds a long time but I had a 6 year break from diving. I finally had the courage to get back into diving and booked a trip to St Abbs. I was hooked again.

What made you start diving?

I love the water, I was working as a Holiday Rep in Cyprus spending all day next to the sea. The local dive centre offered to train me – it was a no brainer and best decision I made out there.

Where/when was your last logged dive?

My last logged dive was at Capernwray in December – a fun dive day after qualifying as a Divermaster the day before. I love being under the water, even if I have dived a quarry plenty of times, I still get the thrill on every dive as soon as I descend.

What are your dive goals?

Tec diving has always interested me so this is my next step, I want to be able to spend longer underwater and love the challenge and knowledge that comes with this type of diving. But my main goal is to be able to continue my training to (hopefully) become an instructor this year, it won’t be easy but it will be worth the effort – I love diving and it would be an honour to teach students to scuba dive.

What keeps you diving and how do you keep the passion?

I dive as it is where I feel the most like myself. A few weeks out the water and I am gagging to get back in! I’m passionate about learning new skills and theory, the safer a dive the more enjoyable it will be. I’m a big believer that no one is smarter underwater, so the more I learn above the water, the better I can apply this beneath the surface. Learning new skills and trick keeps my passion alive.

Whats your favourite dive site?

So far, the Zenobia wreck in Cyprus – I loved the wreck and the beautiful clear warm waters, I can’t wait to dive and explore it again. I’m hoping this year to add a lot more dive sites to my list though.

Whats your favourite piece of equipment?

I love all my kit, it allowed me to dive, and definitely anything Pink! When I started diving I realised how male-orientated the sport can be and wanted my kit to represent me. Scuba diving is serious but it should be fun as well, so where I can, I add pink - it’s hard to miss me under water. My newest piece of kit is my Kwark Navy Undersuit (with pink stitching….), very comfortable and warm, and very much needed for winter diving

So…You came to the dive centre already diving single tank wing and Long hose. Can you tell us why you selected this set up and what the advantages are?.

During my Advanced Open Water course I had a real low on air situation, and my instructor had the long hose set up – it was a simple switch to my instructors regulator, while he switched to the regulator attached by a bungee “necklace” under his chin – we both knew where the air was when it was needed. We could comfortably swim a metre away from each other due to the long hose without any extra stress of maintaining an extreme close position on a short hose, so avoided having to ascend immediately followed by a long surface swim. We continued the dive under water to the exit point and safely ascended there. It was a far safer option that battling for a short hose regulator in an emergency. When I finally bought all my own gear, I knew I wanted equipment that would make me a safer diver, for me and my buddy, so the switch to long hose was an easy decision. It doesn’t affect my dive but if I needed to share air, I know my hose set up will be the best for that situation. I decided on a wing after trying one out in the pool for 30 second – the design helps with trim, helps keep a “sky diver” position, it felt so much more comfortable to wear and suited the type of diving I knew I wanted for the future. Another no brainer. I never looked back after diving with this set up, and so excited the Scuba Leeds are using wing and long hose configuration for our students.
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