Meet The Dive Team - Mary Oliver

Meet The Scuba Leeds Dive Team - Mary Oliver

Meet the Dive Team - Mary Oliver, one of our PADI Divemasters. We asked Mary about his diving so far.

When did you start diving?

I started diving in 2010. My daughter had done a Discover Scuba Diving session, and wanted to do more so my husband and I went to book her onto an Open Water course. We left with the 3 of us booked to start our Open Water course the following week! We did our pool and theory work in Leeds and our open water dives at Capernwray.

Where/when was your last logged dive?

November 2016 in Bonaire, in the Caribbean. The Island is surrounded by a marine park and there’s great sea life and reefs.

What are your dive goals and what course do you want to do next & why?

To keep diving, and dive more places. I also want to do my Assistant Instructor / Instructor course. Since becoming a Dive Master I have helped on courses and now want to be able to do more!

What keeps you diving and how do you keep the passion?

I want to see more, particularly dolphins, turtles and cephalopods, and haven’t seen a manta yet!

Whats your favourite dive site?

Depends on where I have dived recently! I like the Salt Pier in Bonaire, particularly at night, but have also dived some nice sites in the Red Sea. My favourite wreck is the Hilma Hooker in Bonaire. Dived it twice in 2 days – The first day there were loads of barracuda hanging around, the second day there were over 20 tarpon! Amazing.

Whats your favourite piece of equipment?

I like things that make my diving easier, so – my O’Three drysuit because it was made to fit me, my Bowstone because it keeps the lead shot in the right place, and my fins with springs!

So, tell us about you and your diving

I love diving – it’s seeing life underwater, doing something different, being a little adventurous, and meeting really nice people. But I struggled with parts of the Open Water course and can empathise when students have difficulties. I really enjoy helping them overcome an obstacle or fear, and get a buzz when they succeed.
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