Really Big Sharks in Bimini

Bimini may not be somewhere that many people choose as a first diving destination, or even know is one to be fair. Bimini Island in the northern Bahamas is one of the best opportunities in the world to dive with huge Great Hammerhead sharks. During the winter months, what can only be described as a very healthy population of this elusive species of shark congregate around the island’s waters. These generally shy, reclusive animals have quickly become a bit of phenomenon in the shark diving world due to the large numbers that show up like clockwork, and their willingness to get up close and personal with divers. This is one shark diving adventure you will never forget!

The abundance of marine life in this area will no doubt be linked to the foresight of the government of the Bahamas making all waters surrounding the nation’s islands a marine sanctuary. This has allowed the ocean to thrive, and grow a strong and healthy marine ecosystem. Bimini does not just offer sharks, either… There are tons of other great dives to pique your curiosity, including several wrecks and huge stingrays to keep your interest at full tilt.

Remember, this is the ocean, and if one species of shark is coming here to feed, you can pretty much guarantee that other species will be there too. So if you are the kind of diver wanting to add different species of sharks to your “Seen Them” list then Bimini should be your top priority - with Caribbean Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Dolphins also on the mix of commonly-seen critters.

It would be wrong to think this trip is mainly about the Great Hammerhead experience, however. Bimini is also home to the to the world famous “Tiger Beach.” Not the Tiger of the Big Cat variety, this is the home of the Tiger Sharks in the area and this spectacular location is unlike any other in the world. Tiger Beach is a unique underwater experience where you will be surrounded by Lemon and Tiger Sharks as far as the eye can see. Pretty good when your back drop to these amazing creatures is the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas and powder white sands all shallower than 18 metres. Yeah Tiger Beach is incredible!

So this, my friend, is why Scuba Leeds are offering you the opportunity to join us on The Big Stuff Experience. If you would like details of our 2019 trip to Bimini, email us now with Bimini in the subject to or check out our website which has our upcoming scuba diving holidays here: Dive Trips

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