Project AWARE - Glove Use Tips

Project AWARE - Glove Use Tips

Divers have learned a number of useful tips and tricks to consider when using gloves over the years. Here we list four of the most important.

Consider the environment - Gloves protect your hands, not the coral reef.

There are some dive locations across the world that have banned the use of gloves. This is because some divers feel that wearing gloves allows them to touch and grab at sensitive aquatic life and live corals. Please always remember that although the gloves protect your hands from harm caused by coral and other organisms, it does not stop you harming them. Yes, you can use gloves to protect your hands but please make sure that protecting the environment in which you are diving is top priority. Also remember that although gloves do help, they are not armour. Many things in the water will go right through them if contact is made so be careful of what you touch and hold onto.

Lose the fingertips

One thing that all divers complain about when wearing gloves is the loss in dexterity. This has resulted in many divers cutting off the fingertips of their gloves. This allows you to retain most of the insulation and protection properties of the glove but gives you back your dexterity. Another advantage of this is that it keeps you mindful of what you touch and hold onto as your fingers are exposed.

Upcycle your gloves

If the thought of cutting the tips off your expensive new diving gloves makes you feel sick, don't do it. Instead, cut the fingers off of your old ones. This works well as usually the fingertips are the first to go on older gloves. This allows you to keep your fancy new gloves for colder water where you need the fingers intact. The older, cut gloves can be kept for milder water.

Two pairs for long dives

Tec divers require their dexterity more than most. They are also more likely to be diving deeper and longer. This can result in cold, numb hands towards the end of their dive. One solution that has been adopted by many divers in this position is to wear two pairs of gloves. They wear a pair of fingertip-less gloves to allow maximum dexterity when required but also wear an extra large pair that fit over them for warmth when dexterity isn't important. For example the larger gloves would be worn when carrying out long decompression stops. Shop for Gloves
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