Oxygen Toxicity
Oxygen Toxicity - Whats the story Oxygen Toxicity - Whats the story
So if you are a PADI Nitrox Diver, or Enriched Air, EANx or anything else you want to call it, then you will have learnt the basics of oxygen toxicity. There are a couple of simple rules that are laid out as the “gospel truth” and with them come an “almost” certain knowledge that you’ll stay safe while diving nitrox. As recreational divers we are told to always keep the partial pressure (PO2) to below 1.4ata when you dive. You may even have been introduced to “The Pressure T”:
The Pressure T The Pressure T
From this, you are able to cover up any that you are looking for and see the formula needed to work it out:
Oxygen Formulas Oxygen Formulas
For example if you want to find out the Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) for a given depth and blend of gas, it would work out as follows:
Partial Pressure of Gas Partial Pressure of Gas
Or, if you after the best gas to use for a given depth, use the “best mix” formula – the mixture with the most oxygen (which is physiologically active – that is, used by the body so it doesn’t have an effect on decompression times or no decompression limits) and the least inert gas (nitrogen for nitrox divers, nitrogen and/or helium for trimix divers) for a specific depth it works like this:
Best Mix Formula Best Mix Formula
As a PADI Nitrox Diver (recreational diver) that's pretty much all you need to know. You will have also learned about the CNS Clock when you did your nitro course and you’ll have learned, either on the course or by experience, that as a recreational diver it’s pretty difficult to approach any of those limits if you follow the 1.4ata rule. If you want to know more about this then why not book onto the next PADI Nitrox Diver Course at Scuba Leeds at Scuba Leeds and we will help you learn your PO2's from your FO2's. Drop us an email to info@scubaleeds.co.uk today. Next Article is Oxygen Toxicity for Technical Divers...
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