Meet the Dive Team - Brian Johnson

Meet The Scuba Leeds Dive Team - Brian Johnson

Meet the Dive Team - Brian Johnson, one of our PADI Divemasters. We asked Brian about his diving so far.

When did you start diving?

I started diving in 2005, I took a 3 week holiday in Mombasa, Kenya with the intention of learning to Scuba Dive. I took the course over 10 days and qualified in time to get some dives in as an “Open Water Scuba Diver”. My first dive as a qualified diver was to 18 metres watching the white tips swimming below an overhang... At that point I realised how privileged I was to experience something very few people get to see!

What made you start diving?

As a child I loved the undersea documentaries, in particular Jacques Cousteau; (who incidentally co-developed The SCUBA unit! I dreamed of scuba diving one day. Back then it was something I perceived for only the rich and famous... Perhaps it was back then?? ha ha.. but it’s not now!!

Where/when was your last logged dive?

As part of Scuba Leeds team i dive most weekends at local uk sites so officially my last logged Dive was in March this year (2018) at Capenwray Quarry. However, my last holiday / recreational dive was in November 2017 at a reef called “fish head” in the Maldives.

What are your dive goals?

Since becoming a Divemaster I’ve become part of the “other side” of scuba diving, in as much as I see people introduced to it and improving by completing various courses. I get to assist in their development which is both exciting and fun. I genuinely really enjoy that, so my next step is to complete the PADI Assistant Instructor course. However, my personal diving goal is simple... to continue to scuba dive for as long as I can, in as many places in the world that I can and see as much of the beauty that’s out there that I can!

What keeps you diving and how do you keep the passion?

My passion for diving is simple..I’ve been pretty fortunate in my diving with both destinations and experiences. Apart from the array of fishes, amazing coral and unbelievable underwater scenery I’ve dived with Manta rays, Stingrays, various Sharks, Tuna, Turtles, Moray eels, Octopuses... all the things most people want to see, but I’ve also seen small things such nudibranch, frog fish, sea horses, star fish etc so also the things some people might not even think about. Last year I got to dive with the whale shark which I spent 13 years trying to see! You never know what you will see on any given dive. I once chose to dive when most of the group I was with didn’t as we had all dived the site (double arch in Gozo) the previous day. Within a few minutes of the dive we were surrounded by a school of Barracuda. It’s a big blue planet we have. You could dive every day of your life and no two dives are ever the same, you just never know what you’ll see or experience. Why wouldn’t you want to dive?!

Whats your favourite dive site?

Mmm? That’s tricky! The Indian Ocean is probably as much as I can narrow it down to!!

Whats your favourite piece of equipment?

It has to be the newest piece of kit.. my Apeks XTX 200 regs. Reliable and bombproof!!
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