Loch Long Trip Report

27th - 30th May 2016 – Loch Long – Trip Report

Just come back from a fantastic bank holiday weekend trip up to Loch Long, just north of Glasgow. The company and weather were fantastic, and the diving was great too, really couldn’t have wished for a better trip! Left the dive centre Friday morning with a fully-loaded van groaning under the weight of cylinders, dive kit and Peter’s ridiculous barbeque. After an uneventful journey everything was looking good – cloudy but dry skies and mild temperature forecast – for a British bank holiday weekend, where rain is almost 100% guaranteed, I’ll take that! Quick reccy of the campsite and B&B before settling down for some pub grub in the local, with spectacular backdrop over the loch. Loch-LongEarly doors on Saturday morning with a quick reccy of the dive sites. Unfortunately some of the sites turned out to be unsuitable for various reasons (entries now cut-off or inadequate parking for the group) so Josh, with some expert local knowledge from Stephen, sussed out some suitable sites, all before 9:00am when we met up at the camp site. Over to Loch Fyne for day 1, diving just south of the village of St. Catherine, with incredible views on the mountain pass on the way over. The site was great, large rocky beach area to set-up, and a huge amount of life. Highlights included nudibranch, starfish, anemones, squat lobsters, cod, and my favourite spot, two Sea Mice which shimmer beautifully under a torch beam. Conditions were perfect, calm seas but just enough wind to repel the worst of the midges, water temperature a reasonable 10 degrees on the surface but dropping to a chilly 5 at 35m! By now the sun was out and we even got a couple of pink faces – first sunburn of the year, we were completely unprepared! Perfect timing for the barbeque… Some of the guys went back to the campsite to prepare while we went to get the cylinders filled. Peter’s enormous barbeque proved its worth with 36 burgers and 36 sausages cooked in no time! Josh’s amazing home-made salads and hummus were the icing on the cake. We acquired several four-legged friends while the food was cooking but even with those voracious appetites there was plenty to go round. Next day was two dives on the A-Frames, the wreckage from an old pier near the naval base. Tons of life around the concrete and metal slabs littering the sea bed, and a couple of the frames still sitting an impressive 10 or so metres above the sea bed. We sadly could not find George the Moray, nevertheless a good dive was had by all (except Ken who came out with about half the loch in his drysuit!). All in all a fantastic weekend with great diving, great company, and great weather! Check out the photos from the trip on our Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/377546465738465/photos/?tab=album&album_id=586193931540383
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