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Hollis F1 Fins

Hollis F1s are the fins used by many of the Scuba Leeds dive team. But with so many different fins on the market, why do so many of the dive team swear by their Hollis F1s? What makes these fins better than the rest? Hollis F1s are an old-school heavyweight in the fin world. Made entirely of high-quality natural rubber, the blades are vented, which reduces stress while accelerating water over them. It’s a solid fin, one of the heaviest in this group and it really feels like it could last forever and a day. The fin comes with a spring strap fitted with a heel pad and finger loop. This is a great addition and makes getting the fins on and off easy even when you are fully kitted up in your drysuit! The spring strap mounts are angled to increase comfort and provide a better transition of power. The fin’s foot pocket is on the large side to accommodate both drysuit boots/wellies as well as thick neoprene wetsuit boots.


The F1 is an impressive fin that generates a huge amount of propulsion. These are the ultimate frog kicking fins and their performance is difficult to beat. Thrusting you through the water with each kick and back-finning with ease, the F1 offers fantastic manoeuvrability in the water. The F1's large foot pocket not only makes the fin easy to put on but makes this a very comfortable fin to wear.


Overall, the F1 is an excellent fin best suited for frog kicking and back-finning. They are truly 'bomb proof' and as long as they are looked after, these could be the last set of fins that you will ever buy. As a dive team, we have tried and tested many fins over the years. It is clear to see from the choice of the dive team that the F1 has earned its place at the top of our list of favourites. Are you ready to make a purchase you really wont regret? Come speak with the guys at Scuba Leeds or follow the link below to get your hands on a pair of our beloved F1s!
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