Why Go Pro? - Becoming a PADI Divemaster

Why Go Pro? - Becoming a PADI Divemaster

Feel like it’s to late to become a PADI Pro?

Signing up for the PADI Divemaster course and becoming a PADI Pro isn’t all about jetting off to a far off tropical Island to live out your days in the sunshine. It’s about passion, the want to create new divers and the ‘need’ to keep on diving!

Why sign up?

When I signed up for my DM course with Scuba Leeds I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of it. What I did know is that it would allow me to dive in the pool every Thursday night and open water usually at Capernwray most weekends. The DM course really takes your practical diving and dive knowledge to the next level. It teaches you a side to dive that many have never experienced before. For me, it was also being part of a team of great people, who shared my obsession that got me hooked. Being assessed on everything I done, difficult training and assisting days were all worth it because through it all... I was diving.

Who is the PADI Divemaster course for?

Divemaster is the entry level PADI Pro course but I would personally recommend this to all divers who want to progress past Rescue. Even if you have no desire to stick around (although I bet you do!) the additional practical skills and knowledge this course provides is second to none. Also, in terms of flexibility and cost this course really is a ‘no brainer’!

Working as a PADI Divemaster

I, myself, have stayed on with Scuba Leeds and am currently ‘working’ as a Divemaster. I love assisting and being involved in the education of new and existing divers. There is something special about introducing someone to scuba diving and watching them take their first breath underwater.

Become a PADI Divemaster with Scuba Leeds

At Scuba Leeds we aim to train divers to the best of their ability. We hope that these divers go on to dive across the world, witnessing all of the wonders that our ocean planet has to offer. Are you a PADI Rescue Diver looking for your next move? Come be a part of it! Come help us create the divers of the future! PADI Divemaster Course
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