Diving Tenerife - An Unexpected Surprise

Diving Tenerife - An Unexpected Surprise

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. Located off the West coast of Africa, Tenerife is a long way away from main land Spain and its waters. Tenerife is dominated by Mt. Teide, a dormant volcano that is Spain's tallest peak.

The Expectation

I always get in the water no matter where I go. Tenerife, being more of a ‘Brits on tour’ party island and not usually mentioned when discussing favourite diving spots, I wasn’t expecting too much from my dives. I was recommended to dive ‘Palm Mar Wall’ by a few divers who had dived there previously so decided to request this as one of the dive sites. The dive school was happy to accommodate my request saying that it was “the best site on the island”.

The Surprise

We kitted up at the shop and took the gear down to a small RHIB moored at Puerto Colon. From there we left the the harbour and headed south along the coast. Around 20 minutes later we arrived in front of the huge volcanic rock that separates Los Christianos and Palm-Mar. The RHIB was anchored and we started to put on our gear. One by one we rolled off the boat and made our way to the anchor line. Once we were all accounted for we began our decent to around 7-8m. We had barely reached the bottom when out of the blue we spot a large Green Turtle swimming towards us. It made its way over to the group and was swimming around right above/beside us 'playing' in the bubbles. I couldn't believe we had been so lucky. One of the divers then pointed behind me, I turned around to see another two turtles coming our way. What an amazing start to the dive! Our dive guide signalled for us to continue on with the dive, over the rocks and into deeper water. We dropped down to a maximum depth of around 24m. Within minutes of being there we were being circled by both a Bull Ray and a large Atlantic Stingray. Stingrays are fantastic to watch and having both of these large rays circling us at once was really something special. We slowly worked our way back around the rocks. Making our way back to the anchor line there was a large number of different fish and even a few cuttlefish and octopus.


This dive had totally taken me by surprise. I think the fact that I wasn't expecting much added to the shock of seeing multiple turtles and rays. If you do happen to visit Tenerife I would highly recommend a visit out to Palm-Mar wall. I cannot guarantee that you will be as lucky as I was but from speaking with the guys at the dive school they classed this as a fairly standard dive!

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