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The next time your sat on the dive boat, everyone pulling out and showing off their Deep Diver, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver cards. Imagine their faces when you pull out your ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’ speciality card (Project AWARE of course!).

Keep learning!

If you are looking for something a bit different, did you know that PADI speciality courses don’t have to stop at Deep, Navigation and Nitox. There are a HUGE number of distinctive speciality courses across the globe waiting for you to sign up! The first fun thing about distinctive courses is that there are so many. The second fun thing is that most of these course can only be tough by one dive school or by a single instructor somewhere in the world so if you plan on completing them all you better get moving!

Satisfy your inner biologist

If you have an interest in biology, conservation or both. There are many fully established specialy courses that you should consider. Project AWARE’s distinctive specialties: Shark Conservation, Sea Turtle and/or Whale Shark Awareness are all extremely knowledgeable and worthwhile courses.

Master Scuba Diver

Working towards your Master Scuba Diver rating? Did you know that distinctive specialities count toward the five needed to earn this prestigious rating! Allowing PADI Instructors to create their own distinctive specialities has seen some creative developments. There are so many individual distinctive specialities that PADI do not post a comprehensive list! The list below is taken from PADIs very own favourites! “PADI’s Most Distinct Distinctive Specialties Underwater model Aquanaut Underwater Pilot Helicopter Diver Lava Tube Diver Loch Diver Submarine Diver Available Light Underwater Photo Zen Diver Backpack propulsion Golf Ball Diver Spacesuit Diver Sinkhole Diver Future Perfect Diver Magnetometer Diver Railroad Yard Diver Sand Pit Diving Underwater Game Player Underwater Hockey Underwater Wedding Underwater Basket Weaving” I bet that you didn’t expect some of those! PADIs attitude to distinctive courses, allowing instructor divers from all locations and lines of work, from all over the world, to create certifiable courses specific to their environment and needs is fantastic. Are you an instructor with a vision? If so, you better have paper and a sharp pencil at the ready as PADI are waiting for their next distinctive speciality course application now!
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