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Blown Out Dive Trip

Blown Out Dive Trip Anyone? One of the complaints we hear about Uk diving is that the weather is unpredictable and it is not unusual to be ‘blown out’. (Defn: Blown Out – be unable to dive due to weather or seas condition). It’s true – I know people who have been to the North East 4 times in a row without being able to get in the water…but they still keep going back – because the UK has great diving. So….what to do on the blow out days? We believe in planning – after all they teach us dive planning in our Open Water so why not carry that through – make a back up plan. Here are a few ideas based on our fall backs on what you and your buddies can do if you get blown out in areas in Northern UK waters:


Visit a castle, picnic on the beach – best dune protected beaches in Europe bar none!, fish and chips in Seahouses, go for a walk on Holy Island, play crazy golf, leant Quidditch at Alnwick Castle.


Visit the Neolithic sites (stone circles, tombs), go for a walk, visit the distilleries (Scapa/Highland Park) – be careful if your diving the next day, visit the Italian Chapel, Scapa Flow Museum – also good for a surface interval – ask the skipper.

North Wales

Fall back to a local inland site, visit a castle, have your photo taken at Llanfair…gogogoch road sign, get the steam train, go up Snowdon.

Eyemouth/St Abbs

Go to Edinburgh – loads to do, visit the Maritime Museum. 10 pin bowling and Slot machines in the Amusements, walk the coastal path.


Go eagle watching, ferry to Mull and visit the distillery (Tobermory – see note above on drinking and diving). The Mull Aquarium, because you might as-well see some fish! Bag a Monroe, set off home early and visit Oban (another distillery – nominate a driver!). We hope you get the dives in you planned – but if the weather does intervene – don’t waste the opportunity for a great day out with your mates.

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