Top 3 Red Sea Reef Dives

Top 3 Red Sea Reef Dives

Best Reef Dives In The Southern Red Sea. Many of you will have dived some, if not all, of the top three southern Red Sea reefs over your years as a diver. Most people dive the North around Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, or Hurghada. But the Red Sea has so much more to offer which is accessible by safari boat (Liveaboard). So I named this the Top 5 Things About the Southern Red Sea. These are the reasons why I love to dive into the Deep South. These are in no particular order by the way.

Daedalus Reef

This is a huge reef that rises from the sea bed in the middle of the Red Sea. She is a tear-drop shaped reef that is located around 80km offshore and just over 300km south of Hurghada. Daedalus has a distinctive lighthouse which is zebra-striped, and the reef offers some of the most amazing dives in the Red Sea. The vertical reef walls are covered in hard coral formations and a huge variety of reef fish. You will often find Napoleon wrasses and Hawksbill turtles cruising by, but make sure you keep your eyes open on the blue when diving Daedalus, as this is one of those places where anything can happen... Anything from the oceanic whitetip, grey reef, and thresher sharks are often sighted, but Daedalus is most definitely famous for its scalloped hammerhead sharks - these are often found in large schools out in the blue during the summer months. The sheer size of this reef means that you can do several dives here and still not get bored!

Elphinstone Reef

A classic Red Sea reef the shape of a cigar. Both the north and south end of the reef have plateaus covered in hard and soft corals. This is a stunning dive. This reef can offer some unpredictable encounters of the pelagic kind! Elphinstone is a great place to find hammerhead sharks in the summer months and oceanic white tip sharks are often found here in large numbers in late autumn.

St Johns Reef

Also known as St Johns Plateau, this is a chain of reefs that has a number of fantastic dive sites. Due to the topography of the area, most of the sites are relatively close together so it is easy to move between sites between dives. Diving around this area offers you drop-offs, stunning hard coral formations and some of the best tunnels and caves of reef that the Red Sea has to offer.St Johns Caves (Umm Kharalim) is a photographer's paradise, offering amazing light penetrating through into the beautiful reef tunnel formations. The variety of marine life and colours of the soft corals found here are by far some of the best that the Red Sea has to offer. If you are lucky, this area has dolphins and sharks lurking around.

Once you have been here, you will want to go back! We are back to the deep south of the Red Sea on a Blue O Two safari, offering you big drop-offs overgrown with huge gorgonians and colourful soft corals. On this safari, you will explore some very interesting and unusual reef formations. This itinerary is perfect if you are looking to experience a slightly more ‘untouched’ view of the Red Sea. The great thing about this trip is that as long as you are a PADI Open Water diver or equivalent, you can join this safari. Remember however that all dive sites are subject to weather and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.

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