REFILLS:   Air Gun & Air Soft Bottle Refills

We offer a full range of air gun, airsoft and paintball bottle refill services from our shop in Leeds. With more and more variety of fittings, it is sometimes hard for you to know where to go. We now have a full range of fittings to charge most shooting bottles up to 300 bar.


BUY:   Air Gun Charging Bottles & Kits

We stock air gun and airsoft charging bottles. These can either be purchased with just the air gun valve if you have the charging adapters or as a complete kit for those new to shooting air powered guns and rifles.

BUY:   Air Gun, Air Soft & Paint Ball Adapters & Whips

Let us take the confusion away from the buying process. Simply drop into see us and our team will help you select the correct adapters, charging whips, decanting hoses and quick couplers for air guns , airsoft and paintball charging systems.

BUY:   Air Gun Pellets

We stock a wide range of air gun pellets for .177 and .22 with a small selection of .25 pellets. The range includes pellets for sport shooting, targets and also for hunting. Next time you are in getting your air gun charging bottle refilled, ask our team about the pellets we have. If we don’t have what you need, let us know and we will get it for your next visit.